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What types of Subscriptions do we offer?

We offer the option to buy a one time Vault Box purchase as well as subscription levels in our "Experience", "Deluxe", and "Hi-Rollers" memberships. Most of these packages are offered for each of the three sports we currently offer which are Baseball, Basketball, and Football. The Subscription option is available for 3 or 6 months and is priced at a discount to the regular one-time purchase price.

Imagination Box - This is a one-time purchase item rather than subscription option but the Imagination Box offers the most variety in items you could receive as you may pull anything from graded cards of the hottest rookies or Hall of Famers, unopened packs or even boxes, or perhaps even autographed memorabilia! Limited to only your imagination, we offer the highest value return of any similar product on the market today. While some boxes may return close to the cost of the box, others may contain values 3-4 times the cost of the box. Most certainly our "funnest" box to break!

Experience Box - each box will receive a range of Hobby packs from the last few years, along with an option to replace a Hobby Pack for a Vault Pack which is guaranteed to include auto's and relics! Now each Vault box also includes a Vault Junior Pack designed for kids to experience pulling their first auto or relic, and even an extra pack to rip!

Deluxe Box - this is the Experience box on steroids as the Hobby packs increase in quantity or include higher end products. Vault packs include more "hits" and special additions, including the possibility of pulling one of our "Golden Tickets" which allows you to shop for a high end bonus item from our Vault store.

Hi-Rollers Box - only the best for the high rollers member. You can expect high end packs from a variety of products, as well as more value included in our Vault packs. You also have an increased chance at pulling one of our "Golden Tickets"* as more will be included in this subscription package than our other offerings.

Help us customize your box to your preferences! If you would like to receive the Vault Pack of hits just let us know in the "add comment" section of the "Checkout" page at purchase or simply email us to let us know. While you're at it, let us know if you have a favorite player, team, or brand of cards? Let us know what you collect and we will do our best to customize your box as best we can! * We are currently out of stock for Vault Hit Packs. We apologize for the shortage and will bring these back as soon as possible!

* The products pictured below are representative of what you will receive but exact products will vary from month to month.

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