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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of packs can I expect to receive in my Vault Box? - Each box may be different depending on which level you choose but we only include "Hobby" packs rather than the cheaper "Retail" packs. Hobby packs contain more auto's and relic cards than retail so you have a better chance of hitting some nicer cards. We strive to supply you with a mix of different products from the last few years and of course the higher end subscription boxes will deliver higher end products as well.


Will I automatically receive a "Vault Pack"? - No, we offer the Vault Pack as an optional replacement to one hobby pack. The Vault Pack will include several autos or relic cards but you also may receive serial numbered cards, rookies, refractors, even graded cards will occasionally be included. No junk in these packs at all. Everyone will receive a "Vault Junior Pack" which is geared for kids so you can include them in the experience. The Junior Pack will have a low end pack (this could be retail) along with an auto and relic card.


I want to try a box but don't want to enter into any kind of commitment. 

No worries, you can make a one-time purchase of any of our boxes to get a taste for what's included. 


How does a subscription work? - While we do offer that option to make a one-time

purchase we do offer both 3 and 6 month subscription options which are priced at a discount

compared to regular pricing. Each month during your subscription we will send out a new box with

a new array of hobby packs. Subscriptions also give you the chance to receive a "Golden Ticket"

redemption prize!


When can I expect to receive my Vault Box each month? - Your box will be sent out within 4 days of receiving your order for all one-time purchases. If you have purchased a subscription, we will send your box out on or around the 25th of the month every month.  


How are the cards packaged? - Your Vault Box will come in our Vault card storage box with your Hobby packs, Vault and Vault Junior Packs, all packed carefully inside. 


Can I change Box Levels (Experience, Deluxe, Hi-Rollers) in the middle of a subscription? - Yes, you can upgrade, or switch sports if you wish and still get the discounted subscription price as long as you continue to participate. Just contact us at and let us know your membership details and what you would like to change about your subscription.


Can I ask for a refund? - While we are confidant you will be fully satisfied with our boxes, unfortunately we cannot offer refunds for boxes that are sent out.


Can I request specific brands of packs? - While we can't guarantee a particular year or brand, we certainly want to send products our customers desire. The best way to do this is to let us know via email and let us know what years and products you want and we will do our best to include those in an upcoming shipment.

Can I request specific players or teams for the hits in my Vault Pack? -

We do encourage you to let us know as much as possible who you collect as we will do our best

to include items you will enjoy. While specific player requests may be difficult to fill we can try, 

and can almost always work with a specific team request.


Do you guarantee a certain number of "hits"? - Unfortunately we can never

guarantee what's going to be in the packs you receive so we have no idea how many auto's or

relics you may hit. We do send out every pack from each sealed Hobby box but there's of

course no way to know how many auto's or relic cards may be in there. Just like opening a full

box, sometimes you'll hit it big, other times... not so much. However because each of our Vault

Packs are guaranteed to contain "hits", you know you will at the very least pull a few auto's or relics.


What are Golden Tickets? - Check out our page on Golden Tickets for full details but basically it's a redemption program that allows us to include some higher end items valued at $100 or more to lucky winners that pull these tickets. Golden Tickets are located in random Vault packs but are only included in subscription boxes and not the one-time purchases. If you pull a Golden Ticket from your Vault pack you can check out our Golden Ticket page here on our site and select the item you would like to receive. Submit the redemption form on that page and that's it. You will receive your redeemed prize with your next months Sub box.


Do you run any promotions? - We do not offer sales however we will offer promotions to allow you to receive an extra Vault pack, or even a full free Vault box for a month. Most of the promotions are for posting video breaks of our Vault boxes that are posted to other sites but we will have other periodic promotions as well. Keep checking back on our Home page for the latest promotions.

Do you ship to Canada or other International addresses? - We only ship to US addresses at this time.


How do I contact Vault? - For fastest response you may email our Customer Service/Sales area at or use the Contact Form at the bottom of each page.







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