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Newest Product Available: The Vault Imagination Box! You'll love this one!

This holiday season we are introducing our newest product, the Vault Imagination Box! We call it this because it could contain virtually anything from unopened packs or boxes, to PSA or BGS slabs, to raw cards of the latest rookies, maybe even autographed memorabilia - the possibilities are limited only to your imagination. These boxes will also return the highest value of any mystery box or repack product out there. We offer Baseball, Football, or Basketball boxes so just select your sport and pick between the "Introduction Box" ($50) or the "Elite Box" ($100) and get ready to be blown away by some of the finds in these boxes!

VAULT Hit Packs Out of Stock 

We apologize to our customers that have enjoyed substituting one of their Hobby packs for a Vault Pack of hits to be included in their Vault Box as we are currently out of stock for all Vault Packs. Our Baseball Vault Boxes are still available but for the time being we will no longer be able to include a Vault pack of hits with any new orders. We are also working on restocking Football and Basketball Vault Boxes but for now remain out of stock on those as well. 

Vault Card Club Monthly Subscription Service

Welcome to the Vault, where we strive to bring you the experience of a trip to the local  card shop, a box of pack ripping excitement, and the guarantee that you will acquire some new "hits" with our exclusive "Vault Packs" that we will include by request. You could even pull one of our "Golden Tickets"!  With the Vault Card Club, all of this is brought to your doorstep each and every month through our monthly subscription service!

While we do offer the option to make a one-time purchase to try out our

service, you will get the best deal by subscribing. With a subscription, not

only will you get your boxes at a discount, but each month you will 

continue to receive your Vault Box containing a stack of different hobby

packs for you to open, along with the option to replace one Hobby pack

with a Vault Pack which will contain auto's, relics, vintage, serial

numbered inserts, or even graded cards, so you only get the good stuff,

never commons. The Vault Pack is by request only however so just let us

know when you place your order. Not only that, you become eligible to receive one of our Golden Tickets as those are only included in the monthly subscriptions. Our Vault Box provides excitement for new or

experienced collectors alike! 

We know you have choices in selecting a card subscription service but if you try the Vault once we guarantee you won't need to search any longer. The Vault delivers the most value of any sub service with each of our shipments. You will always receive Hobby packs, no cheap retail fillers. In our optional Vault packs you will always receive 3 to 6 auto's or relic cards, not just a chance at these "hits" as bonuses in select shipments, but you are guaranteed these in every shipment. You also have the opportunity to pull one of our "Golden Tickets" that will be included in random subscription boxes each quarter. These allow you to choose a bonus item from our Vault Store with cards, packs, and boxes all with values around $100. We also provide lots of other opportunities to win free bonuses such as contests for a free months box to the member that posts the best pull or Vault box break video. The bonuses will be fun, but you'll want to stick with the Vault not for the promotions but due to the high quality products you'll receive each month.


                         Professionally packaged and delivered to your door each and every                                    month there are subscription options to meet every collectors needs                                and budget level. Try us for a single month or for the best deals select                              from our various subscription options. Packages are available for                                      Baseball, Basketball, and Football so check out our Products page for                                full details.

Football Subscription Box

Introducing "Golden Tickets"

Randomly included in our "Deluxe" and "Hi-Rollers" subscription boxes you may find our Vault Golden Tickets! This is a redemption program that allows the winner of the Golden Ticket to redeem it on our site and choose a bonus item from our Vault Store! These aren't low end auto's or scrubs, as all items in the store have a value of approximately $100! 


Involve your kids with the Vault Junior Pack!







What's with the extra pack of cards in my Vault Box? Every Vault Box now includes a "Vault Junior Pack"! What better way to grow our hobby than by inviting kids to participate? The Vault Junior Pack is designed for kids and comes with a pack, along with a relic or auto card! In case you forgot what it felt like to pull your first auto, relive that experience through offering this pack to a kid and help our hobby grow! 


Baseball Subscription Box
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