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Vault Card Club Group Breaks

Ever shell out $100 or more for a box of cards hoping to hit one of the hot new rookies from your favorite team only to come up empty other than some more hits that you could care less about and will end up thrown in a box on the back shelf that you will never look at again? If this describes your box break experience than perhaps a group break is for you! We offer a range of breaks that allow you the opportunity to try out different products, get all the cards from your favorite team or perhaps take a chance at a random team break in which case you could pay a lower amount and end up with the hottest, most popular team! Lots of options to choose from and all live-streamed so you can participate in the excitement as the break happens! Breaks happen on Wednesday nights and while it's live streamed we will have an accompanying break thread on our new Forum at SportscardU. 

Why go with a Vault Group Break?

Our breaks are in conjunction with Boxbreakers Group Breaks who have run breaks online since 2007! This group has been featured in the NY Times and has thousands of video breaks on Youtube and other streaming sites. Our focus is on our customers, and your cards as everything is done live on camera as it happens. In almost all cases we ship within 4-5 days of breaking with everything carefully packaged to ensure you receive your cards safely and promptly. 

Available Group Breaks

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