This is a 5 Box Case of 2019 Immaculate Collegiate Football and the break will be a hit draft format. The case should come with 25 hits (auto's or relic) and 5 base cards which we will package as one slot giving us 26 draft slots. You are purchasing one slot and upon filling the break we will randomize our participant order 5 times which will give us our draft order. The randomization will take place live on Youtube immediately preceeding the break. Once the break is complete we will start the draft in which when your turn comes up you will simply select the available hit (or the 5 base cards) you would like.  Each participant will be emailed for their selection and will have 6 hours to respond with their selection. Proxy lists will be welcomed as well. 

2019 Immaculate Collegiate Football 5 Box Case - Hit Draft