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This is a 2018 Select Football Hobby 5 Case pick your player break. It consists of 307 slots (representing one slot for each player on the checklist and a slot for all the Panini Reward Points pulled) so once all slots are reserved we will send invoices for the total due and payment must be received within 4 days of receiving the invoice or we will resell the slot to another buyer. Once all are paid we will randomize the draft order (live on Youtube stream) 5 times and those results will represent the draft order. The draft will then immediately start and will take place on our brand new forum here on the Vault Card Club site. You will have 1 hour to make your selection between the hours of 7am-11pm(ct) or we will make your pick for you. Once all picks have been made we will break all 5 cases streamed live on Youtube. 


2018 Select Football Hobby 5 Case Pick your Player

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