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Experience a Vault Box Break


Each Vault Box is 6x4x3 and constructed from heavy durable cardboard suitable for shipping. Nothing is more important than getting your cards to you not just on time but in perfect condition. Branded with our Vault Card Club logo you can use the box to store your cards after opening.

When you open the Vault Box the first thing you see is the Vault Junior Pack that is now included in all our Vault Boxes and is designed to involve your kids in the experience of collecting cards. It will contain an auto or relic card (sometimes both!), along with their own pack to rip!


The heart of the Vault Box is the supply of packs you receive. While we can never guarantee a certain amount of "hits", by only including Hobby packs pulled from full boxes we increase your chances compared to many other Sub boxes out there that are loaded with cheaper retail packs. Every pack is sent out so it's just a matter of who the lucky ones will be that pull the hits. The number of packs varies but you'll usually receive between 6-10 packs.

The Vault Junior Pack is designed for a kid to open so he/she can experience the thrill of breaking their own pack and pulling their first relic or auto card. Help grow the hobby and offer it to your son or daughter, nephew or niece, or maybe a kid in the neighborhood. Each Vault Pack will contain a  guaranteed hit for a guaranteed thrill for the youngster!


The Vault Pack is optional so you will need to let us know if you want it! This would replace one hobby pack and while we hope the sealed hobby packs will  have provided some hits if you choose to get the Vault Pack you know you will pull some hits! Typically this will include anywhere from 3-6 auto's or relic cards and while we can't guarantee a particular value to these cards we try to include some surprises from time to time. You may find a vintage star card from the 60's, a graded card of a modern superstar, or even the possibility of pulling one of our "Golden Tickets". It's our way of setting the Vault Card Club apart from others and we invite you to try one for yourself today!

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